The technical content of the tape is not much less than the electronic components.

In the eyes of ordinary consumers, the tape may be a very ordinary product with no technical content, but in the electronics industry, the technology of the tape product is far from simple, such as: the initial adhesion of the tape, retention Temperature resistance and other indicators are essential. The conductivity, thermal conductivity and light guiding of the tape can be regarded as the entry, and the combination of the tape and the printed circuit is an eye-opener. “Don’t underestimate these tapes that are inconspicuous in life. In fact, tape can not only reduce costs for electronics manufacturers, but also make electronic products lighter and thinner, and tape can also make a huge contribution to energy saving and emission reduction through various channels. & rdquo; In the mobile phone, home appliances, display circuits, automotive, solar energy and other industries will use a large number of different characteristics of the tape, and the technical content of these tapes is not much less than electronic components.

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